Boston SPST-MOM Bestellen?

Footswitch for use in effect pedals. This type is often used for e.g. tap-tempo switches and relay switches.This sturdy switch makes very little noise when used and has two soldering lugs.

This is a momentary footswitch, normally open, which means that the circuit is closed as long as the switch is pressed and interrupted again when you lift your foot.

– Momentary footswitch
– normally open
– soft touch
– SPST (single-pole single-throw)
– for tap tempo, or relay switching

Boston SPST-MOM bestellen?

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HoTone LS-10 Bestellen?

The Hotone Patch Kommander is a four channel programmable loop switcher.

The Patch Kommander is a light-weight, programmable loop switcher that keeps your pedals and effects in order. Four true-bypass loops guarantee a pristine signal, a built-in input buffer saves your highs and harmonics, and an ultra-intuitive control panel sets you free from complex, annoying patch programming.


-Compact size, rock solid aluminum casing
-4 independent relay-based True Bypass audio loops
-Switchable high quality input buffer for preventing high frequency loss
-Mute/Tuner function with independent tuner output
-SW A/B function for amp channel switching
-2 switching modes:
– Direct mode for instant access
– Preset mode with 12 programmable presets for different combinations
-Low switching noise
-9V DC power supply


Numbers of presets: 12 (4 presets × 3 banks)
Numbers of Loops: 4 (isolated)
Bypass mode: Relay True Bypass or Analog Buffer Bypass
Input impedance: 1M Ohms
Output impedance: 100 Ohms
Power Requirement: 9V
Current Consumption: 150mA
Dimensions: 403mm (D) × 56mm (W) × 48mm (H)
Weight: 535g

HoTone LS-10 bestellen?

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HoTone FS-1 Bestellen?

The Hotone Ampero Switch belongs to the Ampero series and is a momentary type footswitch.

The Ampero Switch is designed for not only Ampero, but also for other devices with momentary footswitch controller support. The function you can have will vary according to the device you’re going to control.

Momentary type footswitch:
When we talk about a latch-type footswitch, we’re referring to a kind of footswitch that remains on status once triggered on until you operate on it again. For example, a light on/off switch. Latch-type footswitch does not require continuous compression from players, which is great for switching effect pedals on/off or switching between amp channels.
Momentary footswitch is different: it remains on only as long as it is being compressed (e.g. a lighter with a press button). When you do a single press on a momentary footswitch, it will generate a short on-off “pulse”, which is recognized as a “trigger” on most digital multi-effects for switching presets, tap tempo, toggling effects on/off, etc. So momentary footswitch is mainly for controlling a digital gear.

It’s quite simple: connect the TRS jack to Ampero’s EXP 2/FS jack with the attached TRS cable, then enter Global menu, find EXP 2/FS sub menu, set MODE to Dual FS. After this, you can assign any function you need to the footswitches.

The Hotone Ampero is exactly what you need if you want to extend the control of your digital gear.


-Ultra-compact, lightweight dual-footswitch controller
-Your Ampero’s best pal
-Can be used with other devices with external control jacks
-Momentary footswitch design – momentary footswitch support needed
-TRS Cable Included (80cm)


Dimensions: 100mm (W) x 40mm (D) x 42mm (H)
Weight: 130g

HoTone FS-1 bestellen?

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Boston 3PDT-LATCH Bestellen?

Footswitch for use in effect pedals. This type is often used to install true bypass switching, with an optional status LED. With this switch, it is possible to modify your vintage pedal to operate with true bypass switching.

The switch has 9 soldering lugs; if no status LED is needed for your pedal 3 of those can of course also be left unused.

This is a latching footswitch, which means the switch will “click” on and off, staying in the selected setting if you lift your foot.

– latching footswitch
– 3PDT (triple-pole double-throw)
– for true bypass switching

Boston 3PDT-LATCH bestellen?

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NUX NMP-2 Bestellen?

The NUX NMP-2 is a versatile dual switch controller designed to provide seamless control over your equipment. With OPEN, CLOSE, and LATCH modes, it combines both momentary and latch type controllers, offering flexibility in its usage.

Whether you need a momentary switch or a latch switch, the NMP-2 has you covered. Its universal compatibility allows you to connect to any amplifier or pedal with a 1/4″ jack controller input. It is also compatible with keyboards, synthesizers, and other equipment that have a global control input.

The NMP-2 is designed to work perfectly with various devices, including the NUX Loop Core Deluxe, NUX JTC Drum & Loop PRO, NUX Cerberus, and more NUX amps and pedals with controller input. This means you can expand your control capabilities and enhance your performance with ease.

With its durable construction and reliable performance, the NUX NMP-2 Dual Foot-switch is your go-to solution for achieving precise control over your gear. Whether you’re a guitarist, keyboardist, or any musician seeking enhanced control over your equipment, the NMP-2 delivers the versatility and functionality you need.

NUX NMP-2 bestellen?

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HoTone EC-4 Bestellen?

The Hotone Ampero Control is a compact and solid controller. It is fully programmable , allowing any musician to set it to their liking as a MIDI-based control via MIDI port, USB jack and Bluetooth.

The Ampero Control supports a wide range of MIDI messages. You can assign up to 16 different MIDI messages or even 32 messages when divided into two groups. So you can set different press/hold actions per footswitch. The matching mobile app makes it easy to work on your settings and templates. To get the most out of it in term of possibilities, the Ampero Control has two jack inputs for momentary footswitches or expression pedals.

The Hotone Ampero Control is all you need for many MIDI operated devices. It runs on USB power or a DC power adapter with a wide voltage range (9-18V), so it can be used in many scenarios.


-Compact, smart 4-footswitch Bluetooth MIDI controller
-Supports standard MIDI, USB MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI input/output/thru
-Sending/transferring MIDI messages to separated/combined MIDI outputs
-Send max. 16 MIDI messages by one footswitch (32 for A/B groups)
-100 banks (each bank includes 4 footswitches settings, 2 CTRL/EXP jack settings and more)
-Different footswitch triggering actions for flexible switching and various uses
-Dedicated mobile App lets you easily set your controller on the fly
-2 CTRL/EXP TRS jacks for adapting external footswitches/expression pedals
-3-digit LED for MIDI message info and Bluetooth connection status display
-DC 9-18V or 5V USB bus power supply


Compatible Exp Pedal Pot Resistance: Max. 10kO
Power Requirement: 9-18V DC center negative or 5V DC (USB)
Current Consumption: Max. 100mA
Working Range: =5m
Dimensions: 258.5mm (W)×55.5mm (D)×49mm (H)
Weight: 440g

HoTone EC-4 bestellen?

Actieprijs vandaag : 113.85 Euro

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Fender 0994058000 Bestellen?

Order a replacement or add flexibility to your amp. Fender offers footswitches with RCA jacks for older Fender amplifiers and with 1/4″ plugs for contemporary amps.

Features 1/4″ plug and 12′ cable
Used for ’65 Twin Reverb®, ’65 Twin Custom™ 15, ’65 Super Reverb, ’65 Deluxe Reverb®, ’64 Vibroverb™ Custom, ’63 Vibroverb, Custom Vibrolux® Reverb, Vibrasonic, Gretsch® G6163 Executive™ and Gretsch G6164 Variety™ Amp

Fender 0994058000 bestellen?

Actieprijs vandaag : 94.95 Euro

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