Fender 0058396000 Bestellen?

Chrome bass bridge assembly for use with American Deluxe bass models manufactured from 2004-2010.

Top-load or string-through-body bridge plate design with three-screw mounting (does not retrofit to traditional five-screw mounting design).

Mounting hardware and string ferrules not included.


Chrome bass bridge assembly
String-through-body or top load design
Three-screw mounting
Four “barrel”-style saddles
Mounting hardware and string ferrules not included
For American Deluxe bass models (2004-2010)

Fender 0058396000 bestellen?

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Fender 0990804100 Bestellen?

Many of Fender’s vintage-style parts are crafted where possible on the same tooling and machinery as our original-era Fender parts. Whether you are personalizing, modifying or restoring, there is no better way to maintain the proud heritage of your classic Fender instrument or amp.


Genuine Fender bass bridge assembly with nickel-plated steel bridge plate and four grooved barrel saddles
Includes saddle height adjustment screws, intonation screws, saddle height adjustment wrench and mounting screws
Fits most vintage and modern Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars with a five-screw mounting design; will not fit American Standard or American Deluxe bass guitars

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Fender 0010660090 pickup cover Bestellen?

Give your Jazz Bass some old-school attitude with this vintage-style chrome pickup cover. Channel Fender’s early days with complete accuracy while keeping those pickups looking and sounding factory-fresh.


True vintage specifications
Fits American Vintage, Road Worn and Classic Series basses
Mounting hardware not included

Fender 0010660090 pickup cover bestellen?

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