Fender 0019699049 pickguard shield Bestellen?

This genuine Fender thin aluminum shielding requires no additional wiring. It fits on the underside of your Stratocaster pickguard and helps with noise-cancellation during play.


Cut to vintage specifications (.011″” thick)
No wiring necessary
Fits American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster® guitars
Will not fit modern-style pickguards

Fender 0019699049 pickguard shield bestellen?

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CRC Kontakt Chemie GRP33-200 Bestellen?

A dispersion of fine, pure, colloidal graphite in a specially formulated solvent mixture with an organic binder, which gives an electrically conductive coating to non-conductive media.

Will solve single coil noise! Apply to the electronics cavity/pickguard of a guitar and then connect to ground. Aplly at least two layers of coating.

The coating can be made even more electroconductive, stable and colour-fast, by simply polishing the spray film with cotton wool, a soft cloth or a buffing disc, or baking at 90°C.

CRC Kontakt Chemie GRP33-200 bestellen?

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