Hosco Japan H-SCR-2 Bestellen?

Hosco wide scrapers are developed in collarboration with a famous Japanese classical guitar builder. The scrapers are made this wide so they cover the sides of a guitar in one go.

There are two scrapers in this set.
Straight shape: 120x44mm, Thickness: 0.4 mm
Curved shape: 120x44mm, Thickness: 0.4 mm

Hosco Japan H-SCR-2 bestellen?

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StewMac SM0291 Bestellen?

Here’s a clever tool to clean noisy control pots without extracting them from a guitar, amp, or stomp-box. It also works for rotary switches and Gibson Varitone switches. The cap directs your cleaner right where it’s needed, inside the pot housing on the contacts around the shaft. No mess!

“An absolute must for vintage F-hole instruments. Every guitar shop needs to have at least one.”
(John Brown, Brown Guitar Factory)

Simply remove the control knob, and screw the pot cleaning cap on the shaft. An access hole guides your spray cleaner extension tube directly to the pot shaft. The cleaner flows down the shaft to where it’s needed on the contacts inside the pot. A hole in the top of the cap lets you turn a split pot shaft with a screwdriver for thorough coverage.

The pot cleaning cap is made from precision machined stainless steel. It works with 3/8 x 32-thread as used in USA potentiometers: CTS, Allen-Bradley, Bourns, CentraLab, Clarostat, and others. Please note: It’s not compatible with imported or metric-thread control pots (like Alpha).

We recommend DeoxIT pot & switch cleaner: #48074 / D5S-6P (CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6P contact cleaner & rejuvenator, 200ml, 5% solution)

StewMac SM0291 bestellen?

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Boston ART-ST Bestellen?

Pickup routing template made of 8mm thick clear acrylic to create perfectly shaped pickup cavities. Accurate template placement is easy: crystal clear routing templates allow you to see the guitar body underneath. Simply align the template’s laser etched centre lines with the markings on your guitar to get the placement right every time.

Correct depth measurements are etched right on the template. Use double-stick tape to keep the template in place or use flat head screws dropped into the counter-sunk holes. Lower your ball-bearing router bit into the wood and make several shallow passes until the bearing rides smoothly along the template edge. When the bearing can ride against the cavity wall, remove the template so you can rout to the recommended depth engraved on your template.

The templates for humbucker, PB and JB pickups have an additional template with exactly matched screw locations.

Boston ART-ST bestellen?

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